Morton Gould Tapdance Concerto

In January 2017, Pia Neises accepted Corrina Rottschy´s invitation to perform the “Morton Goud Tapdance Concerto” with the WDR Funkhaus Orchestra (Conductor: Eckehard Stier) in the Cologne Philharmonie. She showed this work three times in December 2018 with the Bremer Philharmonics (GMD Marko Letonja) at Bremen´s “Die Glocke” concert house.

Stories with her feet:

(…) “So was the latest philharmonic concert, titled ‘Winter Magic,’  for which Lentonja and team unearthed something interesting: a concert for tap dancers and large orchestra, composed by American Morton Gould in 1952. In the tap dance part, only the rhythm is fixed–everything else the dancer must invent.
A lustful, formal wealth arises, and through the variety of tones in the taps, so too a kind of melody. Cologne-based Pia Neises leaves nothing to be desired. Alongside a variety of facial expressions and comedy, she tells stories with her feet, which she expertly and musically combines with Letonja’s orchestral intonations. There was even a solo cadenza. A true discovery!”
MKKreiszeitung – Dec 2018
Morton Gould Tapdance Concerto – Bremen Philharmonics – Die Glocke – Dec 2018
WDR Funkhaus Orchestra – Conducter: Eckerhard Stier – Philharmonie Cologne – Jan 2017