Pia Neises & Martin Sasse Trio


Pia Neises – Tap dance 
Martin Sasse – Piano  
Martin Gjakonovski – Bass
Marcus Rieck – Drums

Powerful and filigree, energetic and sensitive – Pia Neises’ tap dance is passionate and rousingly versatile. With Martin Sasse (piano), Martin Gjakonovski (bass) and Marcus Rieck (drums), she enjoys the free play and experimentation of jazz. The result is a musical dance encounter that cannot be put into a stereotype.

When these four virtuosos get together on stage, you experience musical communication of the highest order: rhythms and melodies, percussive sounds and flowing harmonies merge. Together, tap dancing and jazz become a vibrant unit. Soloistic highs, fueled by mutual inspiration and interaction. Tap dancing and jazz meet here at eye level: playful, authentic, refreshing – and with a hell of a lot of groove!

Photo – Gerhard Richter April 2016 – Cologne – Altes Pfandhaus